Jyri Aarila (Fi)


Project – Projekt:



  1. Intermediating Budapest – background

    When I started studies in Budapest, my first idea was to make some kind of project by using wikies or blogs as artistic and/or educational tools. Basic starting point was being an art student in the new city and I was interested in finding and documenting exiting new places. So my idea was to combine these interests and facts to some kind of experimental map-blog as study project.

    In the very beginning I met Julia Schwarzwälder who also studies in the department of intermedia. She was interested about the idea so we started to develop this plan together. Our first idea was to make some kind of experimental non-touristic map of the city with unexpected places. Main idea was to find places which include different value than money or culture historic background. It’s interesting to find out that final shape of this project is quite near this idea.

    We planned our experiment as we called it maybe one month and tested different ideas. There were problems like how to guide people who want to test our experiment and should there be some kind of map on the internet? One question was how much we want guide people at all? We also considered possibility of making a game where people should go to certain place in certain time. Point was to find out how different places include different space and atmosphere in certain time. Idea was interesting but we dumped it thinking it was unrealistic and too hard to realize.

    The result of our project is “intermediating Budapest” –site. “The experiment is about mapping. The aim is getting and making totally different impressions and experiences of and in Budapest rather than through touristic guides. Intermediating Budapest -blog is a virtual, non-touristic subjective and multifaceted map of Budapest that you can create through images and texts. It’s also about social mapping and communication between the participants.”

  2. Alternator

    My other project in Budapest was “Alternator web blog” which is visual conversation between me and my friend – between Hungary and Finland. The idea was to use only short video clips as a conversation. Only rule was to avoid words as much as we could.


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