Lottie Lindsay (UK)


born: London 1986

  •  2005-2009 Edinburgh College of Art – Ba(Hons) Fine Art: Drawing and Painting
  •  2008 – Hungarian University of Fine Arts – Erasmus Scolarship, Budapest
  •  2004-2005 Leeds College of Art and Design – Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

imgp0606.jpg   imgp0577.jpg 

  ‘too many faces’ 2008

too many faces, to many names to remember,

too many streets to count so many places to go,

too many thing to loose, to spill and to forget.

I just want to meet people.

too many faces

One comment

  1. hello hello!!! whats all this about? i want to hear about it! looks interesting! will phone sooooooon!

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