Andreas Geisselhardt (D)


1974 born in Leonberg

studies by Prof. Rainer Ganahl

lives and works in Stuttgart


Duna near the museum – Budapest, March 10th 2008

Normally, artist projects and exhibitions are conceived for locations where they are most likely to attract the greatest attention: the public is sought in metropolitan centres, in the heart of social activities and in specifically artistic or urban contexts.

In contrast to this, my interrest is the focus on local structures and qualities, scenic suburbs, places of transit and decentralised living areas with its inhabitants.

My idea was to search waste on this places and build up a sculpture like a raft. The Duna with its historial past and importance for Budapest is the stage for my action. After finishing the raft we put it into the river and I tried to paddle against the current – a inaccessible intention.

John Brinckerhoff Jackson said about these places:” there are landscapes whose inhabitants do not leave behind any monuments, just signs of abandon or renewal.”







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